Arcadia Japan: First Contact
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Arcadia & the

The Arcadia experience is built on an ethos of positive change. Together we can celebrate music, life, and the environment.

Green Festival
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Eco-Friendly Festival


Arcadia's purpose is to promote a culture that embodies coming together and helping to overcome environmental pollution through music.

Arcadia tell timeless stories through electronic music, high octane performance and cutting edge technology.

The Spider’s global journey explores the concept of an invisible web that connects all living things.

Bringing together over a million people on the world’s most intense dancefloor in 27 counties, Arcadia features the biggest names in electronic music, award winning shows and ground breaking sensory effects.

  • “It has become one of the most popular additions to the music festival scene in recent years and is a true sight to behold in person.”
  • The sheer presence of the Spider Stage in person, combined with the ethos behind Arcadia makes this a truly unique festival that people across the globe should experience!

The 50 tonne Spider is built from recycled military hardware, highlighting the relationship between technology and human intent.

Experimenting with sustainable approaches, Arcadia built the world’s first recycled biofuel pyrotechnics system for the European Green Capital in 2015.

Alongside spectacular events, Arcadia focus on projects as diverse as collaborating with indigenous cultures on ancient ceremonial rituals and the development of water drilling technology in Africa.

Arcadia + EVC

Our partners are Eco Value Coin – a crypto-currency whose underlying asset is carbon offset trading. 70% of all revenue is invested directly in green solutions ranging from tree planting to supporting environmental projects and emergent technologies.


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